Are You Ready For the Great Earth Awakening?

Are you ready?

For the past three or four months now, the earth’s surface has been in a cold, snow-packed hibernation. The color white predominates and there is little, if any, green to be seen. Woodchucks, ground squirrels, frogs, turtles, and bats lie dormant in deep hibernation, while we humans hunker down in our dwellings and turn up the heat in an effort to stay warm.

But soon, winter will loosen its grip, and the earth will once more begin to awaken. Hibernating animals emerge from their long winter sleep, while we humans clean out our homes and begin putting away our winter clothes. And from deep in the soil, roots begin to develop and green shoots begin pushing their way through the surface. No doubt about it. Spring has arrived! Soon it will be time once again for gardeners to take up the spade and the trowel and begin another season of gardening.

Are you ready?

Like most events in our lives, spring has a way of creeping up on us. Before we know it, it’s here. And before we know it, it’s gone, and we are left to lament missed opportunities and unfulfilled plans.

So I ask once more – are you ready? In case you haven’t guessed it by now, my query is directed to you, my fellow gardeners. We all know that there is a certain window of opportunity for certain plants, especially if you want to start them from seed. And we also know that if you don’t act fast, that window will close, and your chance to plant those particular crops will fade away like tulips in June.

I ask yet again – are you ready? Have you ordered all of your seeds and supplies? Have most or all of them arrived? Have you planned out your garden so you know what will go where? Are your tools cleaned, oiled, sharpened, and ready to go? Are your seed starters washed, sterilized, and ready to receive soil and seeds? Are all the lights in your grow light setup all working, with none burned out? If your answer to all of these questions is yes, then three cheers for you! You are poised and ready to do whatever is necessary to assure yourself of a bountiful harvest of sweet, crunchy, flavorful, and nutritious fruits and vegetables. But if your answer to any of these questions is no, then it’s time to step it up and go! Order those seeds and supplies! Sketch out that garden plan! Wash out those seed starters and make sure all the bulbs in your grow lights are shining brightly!

This is not the time to dicker and hesitate! The great earth awakening that I spoke of will be coming soon! But the awakened planet only yields her bounty to those who prepare and act. So your choice is clear. Will you be among the gardeners who come away with armloads and basket loads of fresh, mouth-watering fruits and vegetables? Or will you be channeling George Gershwin and singing “I Got Plenty of Nothing?”


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