The Joy of Gardening Reaps Benefits of Many Kinds

The health benefits that come from growing organic vegetables in your home garden are obvious. Less obvious but equally important is the joy that gardening can bring to your soul and spirit.

Ask any child…digging in the dirt is a lot of fun. The sensory experience of having your hands in the soil speaks to a primal need from the days when edible gardening was more than a pastime, it was survival. Getting outdoors and feeling the breeze, smelling the moisture in the ground, hearing the birds…gardening is an activity that brings pleasure to all the senses.

Even with the relatively short growing season in Chicago, organic gardening can benefit your physical health as well as your mental health in a number of ways. A study conducted in the Netherlands showed that gardening resulted in more stress reduction than the sedentary activity of reading. A Norwegian study found that participants with symptoms of depression who spent six hours a week gardening for three months had a measurable reduction in their symptoms that lasted months beyond when they stopped gardening. Even just walking around a garden can help bring a feeling of well-being.

Of course, tending the garden and planting requires bending, stretching, gripping and walking. Depending on the specific activities and the weight of the person, gardening can burn about 300-400 calories an hour. Combine this with the nutrition you get by growing organic vegetables, and you have a hobby with amazing health benefits all around!

If you’re unable to tend the garden yourself, either because of physical or time limitations, you can get help from a home garden consultant. Chicago and its suburbs is a great place to look for help, with Green Thumb at Your Service ready to be a garden coach to anyone who has ever wanted to do their own organic food gardening, but doesn’t have the know-how, the ability or the time.

With Green Thumb at Your Service as your partner, we’ll do the heavy work and you’ll still have the joy and satisfaction of harvesting safe, healthful and tasty vegetables that you grew at home.


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